Using leasing to finance the modernization of facilities, the company gets several advantages that do not arise in other forms of financing.

In practice leasing is often the only available instrument for funding with insufficient volume of funds to purchase equipment, it provides a number of "free" benefits for all leasing parties, making it more attractive and affordable.

The main advantages of financial leasing for the lessee are as follows:

  1. Accessibility of leasing, simplified procedure and quick consideration of the lease application.

  2. Preservation of free cash. Using leasing allows the lessee not to "remove" big funds at the same time (as opposed to direct purchase).

  3. To conclude leasing agreement requires less guarantees than a bank loan, as ownership of the equipment remains with the lessor. Typically, the additional collateral is not required.

  4. Resolution on the lease agreement is based mostly on the ability of the lessee to generate sufficient funds to pay lease payments, and to a lesser extent, depending on credit history.

  5. The client is able to pay leasing installments from profit which he receives due to usage of leased asset.

  6. Equipment purchased via leasing is accounted on the balance of the company and depreciation is charged to it, and the sum of depreciation is included into expenses of the company.

  7. Lessee receives tax credit at once for the entire cost of leasing equipment.

  8. The total amount and uniformity of lease payments is determined on a contractual basis, while they may have a periodic nature. Lease payments are maximally adapted to the interests of the lessee and the payback period.

  9. Taking into account that the lease payments are made according to fixed payment schedule, the lessee has more capacity to coordinate expenses for financing capital costs and revenues from product sales, providing greater financial stability plan (than direct purchase).

  10. Enterprise-lessee is separating business and property, as the equipment purchased via leasing cannot be seized, confiscated or be а subject to the requirements of lessee debt according to the current legislation of Russia.
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